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What is Coaching?
Transformational Life Coaching assists you in identifying the areas in your life that you would like to transform/change (ie: unhealthy relationships, living paycheck to paycheck, repeated stress, self sabotaging, feeling stuck and blocked from moving forward in your life). Once we discover the areas that you would like to transform, coaching assists you in the process of creating the life you truly want. 
What's the difference between Life Coaching and Therapy?
Therapy is focused on healing the wounds of your past.
Life Coaching focuses on where you are now and how to   move forward towards creating the life you want.
Rather than focusing on your problems, Life Coaching helps you focus on solutions and creating the results you want.
Coaching is cheaper than therapy and can be more effective.  

Cathy Avery

Certified Professional Coach

Are you feeling trapped? Stuck ? 
How did I get
here ?
Is there really a way out ?


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your Greatest Self.


Rise to a higher level of possibility,integrity,and love.




Do you have a true desire for change in your life and the willingness to take the first step?

Life Coaching is an investment in your mental,emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.Nothing can be more rewarding than improving how you live your life and the contribution you are making to yourself and the people you love.








 If You do nothing

 You will get nothing

 This is a guarantee

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Cathy gets to the heart of the matter. Her approach infuses passion and provides a way up and out. She is unique in her observation and humor and she always delivers an effective solution.


Greg Kemmer, Florida

I had no idea that I could actually feel a spiritual shift.  I thought my life was as good as it could get.

As a result of Coaching with Cathy my story stopped running my life.

I now run my life and it's amazing.


 Maria, Long Island N. Y.

Cathy's grace, love and guidance through the transformation process helped me to see that the very things I was holding on to were the things holding me back. The impact she has had on me has shifted the direction of my life.


Micah Goguen, Atlanta GA

Cathy's extensive knowledge of what holds us back in life comes from a deep place of honesty, sincerity, compassion. Her attention to an individual's unique challenges enables her to uncover the root of their problem. She delivers with swift and decisive execution while offering the tools to discover a way out.  


John Berno, New York N.Y.


Cathy is a true leader and guides you through the neccessary work with a no bullshit attitude .She has a way about her that just pulls you in. Her approach is refreshing and inviting.


Jayson Whodat Priest, Florida




















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