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Cathy Avery, CPC 

Certified Professional Coach

Founder & President, of Cathy Life Coach


I am a Certified Professional Coach,

workshop & retreat leader,

inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher.

I'm a mom and a grandmother.

I am dedicated to having people live an empowered life. I have immersed myself in my own transformational journey studying a multitude of subjects including personal 


relationships,communication,Ego work,

Inner child work and Aging with Grace.

I attribute my effectiveness and success to my life experiences and I continue to integrate what I have learned into how I live my life.

My background in coaching has been developed over years of training with trusted mentors. I am in constant pursuit of  personal development and evolution.

I have a natural ability to create a space for my clients to feel safe. 

I provide direction and support to  achieving a deeper connection to your true self.My belief is that living authentically is what brings us to our true power and greatness.


My life changed drastically after working with Cathy. She gave me the hope I needed to work through the process. I am now in business for myself and known as the modern day "Sexpert".

I help those who struggle with passion and intimacy . I had been stuffing my emotions and hiding behind frumpy clothes and short grey hair.

Within a year I lost 30 pounds,

got a chic wardrobe, colored my hair and I'm in a relationship with someone 26 years my junior. 

I owe my transformation to her.


 Michael Sue Jenefsky 

 Tallahassee, Florida




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